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Checkup and Cleanings in West Austin

dentist client check-up
Keeping patients’ smiles healthy and beautiful is the practice’s number one priority. One of the most important ways patients can experience optimal health is by visiting the office for twice-yearly checkup and cleans.

At Carr & Smith Dental, patients of all ages and walks of life are welcome to schedule a general clean to ensure their oral health is in tip-top shape.

What Happens During a Checkup and Cleaning?

During these important visits, a team member will

  • Take X-rays to look for changes or problems
  • Thoroughly clean the teeth
  • Perform a fluoride treatment (if necessary)
  • Make recommendations for further custom treatments
  • Screen the mouth for problems before they turn serious, including infections, tooth decay, oral cancer, and more

Everyone Is Welcome

Checkup and cleans are designed to keep smiles beaming for years to come, and give the dentist a chance to provide their expertise when it comes to patients’ oral health.

At Carr & Smith Dental, nervous or anxious patients are welcome! Measures are always taken to ensure these patients are comfortable and relaxed in the office. Patients are always considered a part of the practice family, and hope they’ll feel at home at every visit.

Learn More Today

Patients in need of a checkup and clean will be warmly welcomed into the practice.  Patients can contact a team member today to book their visit.

The friendly practice team looks forward to seeing patients soon!

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